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Welcome to Your Parenting and Support Community


Hey I am Samantha, welcome. I am the content creator and primary writer for chasinglittlebears.com I am a certified birth doula as well as a mother of three who strives to support people in all areas of life. I believe that we need to be open in order to help others no matter how hard it may be on us. I struggle with mental health issues and I will always do my best to remind others that they are not alone, that talking about their struggles and journey is healthy. I am a huge birth advocate and will always strive to help others feel empowered before, during and after they have their baby.

I enjoy coffee, writing, harry potter, playing animal crossing and doing my hair and makeup. You will always catch me being honest about things, even when it is hard to hear. I want what is best for myself and for others so I will always do my best to be open and honest .I am always trying to find things that bring me joy in life, something that will make me feel better about myself. As a mother I feel that I am constantly putting my family first, that isn’t a bad thing I just need to work on finding a balance. Sometimes I tend to let myself slip and then it is harder to pull myself back up so I am always working on bringing myself joy as well. We need to remind ourselves that we cannot be good parents if we are not being good to ourselves. Our families need us at our best and WE need us at our best.


My primary goal in life is to bring support to others, encourage and empower them to be true to who they are and lift others when they seem to be falling. We must always do that, lift others up no matter what. Thank you for reading, subscribing, joining or partnering with me. I hope to support you in some way even if it is indirectly as that is my ultimate goal, to support.