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October 24, 2021

It is healthy to disconnect and take a break

Sometimes life get's comfortable and sometimes when we allow life to get TOO comfortable we forget to take care of ourselves. Let me explain. We get in a routine of eating well, working out, going to therapy etc and during this routine we establish a healthy mindset and it is VERY good for us. Then after a while we easily slip into old habits where things feel comfortable and fun and then we don't realize it but we are kicking all of that hard work behind us. We start feeling overwhelmed again, sad, unmotivated. We stop going to therapy and we stop talking about how we feel because we let loose for a bit and then it kinda went downhill. This has happened to me so many times and it isn't anyone's fault not even my own. But it is SO easy to slip into a comfortable mindset and when we do that we allow our mental health to kinda slip too.


We tend to get overstimulated with the internet. Facebook, instagram, tiktok ETC. We burn SO much time and energy on these apps that it just becomes part of our day, sadly. Then we get consumed with the drama and lives of EVERYONE else that it starts to impact us personally. We feel the need to compare ourselves and our lives to EVERYONE else and we forget about the hard work we are doing on our end with our own lives. That is where the problem lies, we tend to slip up and forget about our own accomplishments and lives and get wrapped up in what we HAVEN'T DONE or HAVEN'T accomplished and then we tend to go down a slippery slope. Then we forget about the HARD work we have put in because we have allowed the successes of others impact us and we say "Meh what is the point"


I find myself slipping down this path sometimes where I know I shouldn't be consumed in what I haven't done but I do. I will be doing great and then I remember that I could be further in life or I question if I am where I am supposed to be in life and that can really impact a person in so many ways. I shouldn't do that but it is SO easy to do it when you get consumed on social media and begin to question EVERYTHING when other people may be further in life or on different paths. It isn't anyone's fault it is just human nature to feel envious or sad or even compare then we tend to always take it personally and allow it to impact us. We also allow others to really get to us by not setting boundaries for ourselves and that is something I REALLY struggle with on a personal level. NOT saying no. Allowing myself to compare myself and look at what everyone else seems to be doing when I really should be celebrating myself and my own victories even if they are small. 


When we don't set those boundaries and allow everyone and everything on social media impact us it can take a huge tole on us we find ourselves consumed and not in the best ways sometimes. Sure it is great to check in and see how people are especially with so many friends and family around however, we aren't taking time for ourselves and our own personal growth on a real life level and that can be a problem. Taking mental health breaks is INCREDIBLY healthy on so many levels and I recommend doing it. It doesn't have to be a cold turkey thing I still will pop in and out reminding people of how important they are or sharing something regarding mental health/physical health but it is so important to disconnect as well. Take those breaks to where you are valuing yourself and what you have in your life instead of allowing the successes and struggles/issues of everyone else impact you on a personal level.


It is okay to set boundaries and take those breaks. You don't always have to be "available' you don't always have to be ONLINE posting and sharing. You can tend to yourself and the important things you are working on in life without having to share or be present and available to everyone else. I think that is the problem we face we tend to look for validation from others and we allow social media to be that platform. It may not be intentional but we do it, it's an easy way to get what we need in a good or bad way from others but it can eventually take a toll. It is okay to say no. It is okay to focus on YOU and the things you have worked so hard on. If I allow myself to become consumed with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else I will forget about myself and my own growth. It is okay to disconnect and take mental health breaks and it is okay to set boundaries and not be available to everyone all the time. If someone needs you they can find you, you don't have to be available for everyone else when you should take those breaks to be available for you.



Your personal growth is incredibly important and you don't want to slip and let it all go because you are feeling impacted by what you read online. Not everything is always as it seems. That is why I try to be as transparent as possible because this is REAL life and we need to remind others that we aren't perfect, we can disconnect, we can be unhappy, we CAN focus on ourselves and not feel guilty.


I hope you are remembering that your accomplishments big or small are something to be proud of. You should feel proud of yourself and to remember you can only do so much. That it isn't healthy to compare yourself and life to what you see on the internet, set boundaries and take the breaks if you need. 

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