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October 06, 2021

October's Ipsy Glam Bag Plus - Product Review

I LOVE ipsy glam bag plus! You get five full sized items AND get to shop a fun add on section to build the ultimate bag! What I love about the add ons after you help build your bag is the add ons are fun, affordable and are always great products! You don't HAVE to shop the add ons but I love snagging a few extra goodies when I can! The add on section is always optional but if you sign up and it comes time to build your bag see about snagging a few extra goodies to make your bag THAT much more exciting!


HOW CUTE is this month's SPOOKY themed bag!?!?

I FOUND THIS SUPER CUTE SKULL and I HAD to use it for this months photos!


So I will share the items I helped choose for my initial 5 full sized items then share my little add ons!


HOW CUTE is this little cardstock!?

The first item was a Makeup Blender Trio by UVE Beauty! I love a good beauty blender! I always used to use my fingers when applying foundation but soon learned I was only adding dirt and germs from my hands to my face by doing that! I even cleaned my hands first but hey, guess we all learn sometimes! This trio sells for $60 which is WILD to me but hey it came in my bag and I cannot wait to try them out!


Next in my Ipsy bag was a mascara by Il Makiage - $25 on their website! I love love love a great mascara! I am pretty picky because I good mascara is hard to find so I am hopeful this one gives my lashes a good look!


Next was a Posh Powder Palette by DOUCCE - retails for $55 [ALREADY GETTING MY MONEYS WORTH FOR THIS BAG!!]

I LOVE a face palette because you get blush, highlighter and some soft variety in one! This one is gorgeous and I love the shimmer in the colors for the face!


The third item in this months bag is a BEAUTIFUL set of brushes by MOTD Cosmetics - $30 for the set on their website! WOW the quality is amazing and they feel SO soft! I was actually needing some new brushes so I am super excited that these came this month!


THE FINAL item in this months bag was CAKE Mascara by the brand ROEN Beauty! you can get it for $28. I did actually try this one before the review and I do have to say it is very nice. The brush is actually very soft which is a win for me! It didn't make my lashes clumpy but I would say this is a more subtle mascara for a calmer face day!



Here are the add ons that I chose and paid for separately outside of my bag! The add ons always range from $3 and UP! So even if you get a couple shipping is free because they add your add ons to your bag! So that is always fun!


My first add on that I chose was a scalp and body scrub by OUAI! I am pretty sure this was a 3 dollar sample but I am not 100% but I LOVE a good scrub! I use them a few times a week for my scalp, body, lips etc! 


My next add on that I got was a lip balm by the brand Sugar Cosmetics and I am pretty sure this was another 3 dollar add on and it was WORTH it. This balm smells YUMMY and leaves my lips soft for so long!


My next add on was cute little lip gloss by basic beauty - another 3 dollar add on! LOVE the color I have been using this for a few days and absolutely love it. Since we are still wearing masks here it is nice to have something that isn't a full color but still keeps my lips hydrated! 


Another add on I snagged for $3 was this mini travel dew moisturizer by Tatcha and I should have bought MORE THAN ONE. When I Say one of the best dewy moisturizers I have ever used I wish I was being dramatic. I know in stores this is SPENDY but I can see why! Maybe I will get lucky and there will be a black friday sale! lolol HEAVENLY!!!!


OKAY last one I promise! The last add on I got was a super yummy smelling eye retinol cream by TONYMOLY!


I love that these smaller add ons are only $3! It allows you to build your bag for 25 then you can pick little goodies to come with the rest! Sample the items before making a bigger purchase!!


WHAT A FUN BAG THIS MONTH! A fun 5 product bag from ipsy and then the little items I shopped! SO Fun and I am very happy!






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