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October 14, 2019
you CAN be a happy stay at home parent - even though it is REALLY hard!
October 12, 2019
is what i am feeling normal? and when will it get better?
October 11, 2019
Ways you can spend time together while getting some exercise
October 09, 2019
Just eat the cake.

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i feel heartbroken when i think of who i can reach out to when i'm deeply struggling. no one.

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Sometimes I wish I could have enjoyed myself before marriage. I love my partner but is it wrong that I feel like I missed out?

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i'm so tired of friendships that feel like a game. if you are my friend, be consistent.

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October 08, 2019
our children need to learn that it is okay to demand more for themselves
October 07, 2019
Why we need to educate our children about anxiety

October 06, 2019
What nobody told me about breastfeeding
October 04, 2019
puberty and why it should be a normal word in the house
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September 12, 2021
In this episode, Samantha talks about where she has been since march, how working on herself physically and mentally has helped her rediscover herself as a person. She also talks about being more transparent with people helps you and then and it is something we should all work on and to remember you are doing your best.
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October 04, 2019
I feel relieved when my kids are in school all day...and I refuse to feel guilty about it
October 03, 2019
Just because you can do it all, doesn't mean you should
October 02, 2019
Choosing your birth team
September 30, 2019
relaxing and de-stressing before childbirth

September 29, 2019
having a c-section is still giving birth
September 28, 2019
To the new mom who feels lonely right now, give it time
September 26, 2019
Birth work has changed my life, find something that changes your life.
September 22, 2019
Your life is about to change but you will be okay.

September 21, 2019
Teaching your kiddos about summer safety
September 20, 2019
introducing your toddler to chores

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